Weave the People
User experience work for iPad app.
Weave the People creates "weaves" which is an interactive way for people attending meetings to discover, align and connect with each other.
Weave the people wanted to find a way for their clients to use their weaves when at the meeting site. Slow wifi connections and laptops were not always on hand. That combined with the inability to play Flash on mobile devices made their current website inefficient for on-the-go use.
We reviewed the client's brief, studied their user profiles and interviewed the client to discover what features should be kept from their current site and which ones would be best left off. We were also interested in any features that could be exclusive to the app and not possible on a traditional website.
We found that with a smaller interface, not all information could be incorporated and some wasn't a priority when users were on-the-go. A priority feature would be that users could sort profiles by variables included in weaves (dept., location, etc.). Users would also need to be able to “tag” other participants for follow-up, etc.Last but not least, we discovered a delight feature: video or audio clips in user profiles to increase personalization.
For the design, we changed the original circle webs to a grid. The Weave the People website is Flash based and the user rolls over images. The iPad doesn't allow for this, a user taps to navigate. Overlapping circles would be a problem. The grid layout also allows for larger images. Another key insite was the way users carry an iPad when at meetings, it is most likely they will carry it in a portrait orientation
Style tile of colors, image style, and typography to be used in the app.
User-testing was performed on basic navigation and the tagging feature which we named the “Hot List."
Findings from user testing:
• Some problems with the layout. Navigation, mainly “home” unclear. The sort list required too many clicks and it also didn’t look like a clickable menu. The use of overlay is not standard for mobile. It was unclear to the user on how to exit
• Users tend to swipe, drag. Original navigation did not accomodate this.
• Labels and icons refinement was needed. The audio button was hard to locate.
• Common suggestions: Incorporate Linked In or other social sites (this was something the client originally didn't want). Contact info listed. Mail link or other means of user-to-user communication.
We refined the prototype and presented to the client.
Home screen featuring ways to sort profiles.
Sorts according to experience and departments.
Close-up of users in a specific department and a user profile.
Screen with "Hot List" and a user's account settings.
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